How First United Grew Traffic 72%, increased click through rate 117%, and Raised $7,863 with the Google Ad Grant and Our Help

First United was looking to build off their great work and reputation in the 'offline' world by building a new website and digital strategy which included increasing the traffic to the (new) site as well as engagement. The eventual and end goal was to increase online funds raised. The biggest hurdle was to establish some goals so we could begin tracking and measuring.

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Brady Josephson
How Context Increased Traffic 358% With The Google Ad Grant And Our Help

Context had applied for a Google Grant in the past but it was done under past leadership so the first thing we helped them do is figure out their application status and re-activate their Google Grant. With a lot of great content and some fairly high-traffic levels, our goal was to increase total website visitors and put Context in a position to apply for Google Grant Pro status and benefit from up to $40,000 in advertising each month - compared to the standard $10,000 for regular Google Grant recipients.

Once visitors to website and maximizing the spend each month were achieved, we started to focus on increasing conversions - email sign ups - and optimizing effective campaigns to make better use of the $10,000 being spent each month.

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