Digital fundraising audit

How can you grow your online fundraising? That's the fundamental question we try to answer with our digital fundraising audit. We look at internal and external insights (what you say and what your donors say) as well as dive into your data (what is actually happening) to figure out first what's working, what can be improved, and what needs to be created. 

Working with them allowed us to get a fully rounded view of the effectiveness of our communications and marketing strategy in a way that produced numerous surprises. The good ones we celebrated, the not so good ones, we were able to address with Brady’s expert help. The result? A streamlined and more productive system that has produced even better relationships with our partners.
— Andy Harrington, CEO, The Wellspring Foundation for Education
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it starts with data

Data doesn't lie. It just doesn't always tell the truth. But it is a key part of understanding not just your digital strategy and fundraising effectiveness but your overall organizational fundraising health.

We look at donor giving patterns and key fundraising metrics like Lifetime Value as well as your core online fundraising data points - traffic, conversion rate, and average gift - to get a clearer picture of what is really going on when it comes to online fundraising.



understand from a donors perspective

You may think your website is simple, clear, and easy to navigate but do your donors? Do you have a clear offer or value proposition? How much friction do they have to put up with when they make a donation? Sign up for email?

We listen to your team to understand what's been done and where you need help but put on our 'donor glasses' when looking at the best solutions for them - and therefore you - when it comes to your digital strategy.

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Benchmarks & best practices

How are you doing? It can be quite a subjective question with lots of opinions but not a lot of answers. We'll chart your key metrics against some of the best digital fundraising organizations in North America to provide a more objective view.

We'll infuse the strategy with not just the latest and greatest but what we've seen work and what is worth testing and trying.

The digital audit was a great experience for me and my team. We learned a ton - about ourselves, our work, and digital fundraising - and found the entire process very useful, pretty easy, and even fun. If you’re considering an audit – do it! Our early returns prove it’s a worthwhile investment and I highly recommend working with the very talented Brady and his team.
— Denise Praill, Managing Director, Development, Canuck Place Children's Hospice


How much does it cost?

Audit's start at $3,500 and go up in price depending on things like data size and health, number of staff and/or donor interviews, benchmarking, projections, etc. Contact us to get a more accurate quote/estimate.

What do we get?

Each audit includes:

  • 12 month strategic roadmap
  • SWOC analysis
  • User experience testing and summary
  • Actionable best practices checklist

Some audits include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Projections
  • Budgeting
  • Testing (actual and suggested)

How long does it take?

Again it depends but it's at least 2 months and more like 4. There are checkpoint meetings along the way as well as kick-off and closing meeting.